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Team Name Manager Email Waiver Priority Moves Trades Last League Activity
logo Auston 316--hidden----hidden--77 0 Mon Mar 27 6:56am PDT
logo Bottle of Marleau--hidden----hidden--80 0 Thu Jul 28 6:59am PDT
logo Cold Harbour Hacks--hidden----hidden--100 0 Thu Jul 28 6:59am PDT
logo Dave's Destroyers--hidden----hidden--60 0 Thu Jul 28 6:59am PDT
logo DogFacedPonySoldiers--hidden----hidden--90 0 Thu Jul 28 6:59am PDT
logo It's Jackets Time!!--hidden----hidden--211 0 Sat Apr 1 7:49am PDT
logo Jolt's Team--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--47 0 Sun Apr 2 8:50am PDT
logo Kim's Fantastic Team--hidden----hidden--316 0 Mon Mar 27 4:36pm PDT
logo Live Long N' Prospal--hidden----hidden--50 0 Thu Jul 28 6:59am PDT
logo Manayunk Yard Sales--hidden--Commissioner--hidden--13 0 Fri Mar 31 10:02am PDT
  • Commissioner League Commissioner
  • Co-Cmmissioner Co-Commissioner