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Fantasy Hockey 2016


Date Player Type From To By
Feb 20 12:22 AM
TradeThe ProfessionalzIce Warriors--hidden--

Ice WarriorsThe Professionalz--hidden--
Feb 15 12:22 AM
TradePeterboro PisstanksFinnish Flash--hidden--

Finnish FlashPeterboro Pisstanks--hidden--
Feb 12 12:22 AM

Round 2
TradeThe ProfessionalzNordiques--hidden--

Round 24
NordiquesThe Professionalz--hidden--
Feb 6 12:22 AM
Round 25 (traded from Nordiques)
TradeThe Flying CamelsThe Professionalz--hidden--

Round 1
The ProfessionalzThe Flying Camels--hidden--
Feb 4 12:22 AM

TradeThe Eh Team - B -monkey-boys--hidden--

monkey-boysThe Eh Team - B ---hidden--
Feb 4 12:22 AM

Round 1
Trademonkey-boysThe Eh Team - B ---hidden--

Round 25
The Eh Team - B -monkey-boys--hidden--
Jan 22 12:05 PM

Round 1
TradeGTA Crease CrashersIndian Hedz--hidden--

Round 2
Indian HedzGTA Crease Crashers--hidden--
Jan 16 12:22 AM
Round 1
TradeThe Flying CamelsNordiques--hidden--

Round 25
NordiquesThe Flying Camels--hidden--
Jan 16 12:22 AM
TradeMen From The GLENThe Flying Camels--hidden--

The Flying CamelsMen From The GLEN--hidden--
Nov 24 12:42 AM
Trademonkey-boysGTA Crease Crashers--hidden--

GTA Crease Crashersmonkey-boys--hidden--
Nov 10 12:22 AM

TradeIndian Hedzmonkey-boys--hidden--

monkey-boysIndian Hedz--hidden--
Nov 8 12:21 AM

TradeGTA Crease CrashersPeterboro Pisstanks--hidden--

Peterboro PisstanksGTA Crease Crashers--hidden--
Nov 7 12:21 AM

Round 1
TradeIndian HedzIce Warriors--hidden--

Round 2
Ice WarriorsIndian Hedz--hidden--
Nov 6 12:22 AM
TradeGTA Crease CrashersThe Professionalz--hidden--

The ProfessionalzGTA Crease Crashers--hidden--
Oct 27 12:21 AM
TradeThe ProfessionalzGTA Crease Crashers--hidden--

GTA Crease CrashersThe Professionalz--hidden--
Oct 14 12:21 AM
TradeThe Flying Camelsmonkey-boys--hidden--

monkey-boysThe Flying Camels--hidden--
Oct 12 12:21 AM

TradeIndian HedzCement Heads--hidden--

Cement HeadsIndian Hedz--hidden--