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  • --hidden-- (Since '09)
  • Diamond 991 (+10)
    Fantasy Hockey Levels
    Ratings and Levels measure your performance against your opponents, based on your gameplay in Head-to-Head Leagues only.
    Level Rating Percentiles
    diamond level Diamond 900+ 99th
    platinum level Platinum 800-899 95th-98th
    gold level Gold 700-799 81st-94th
    silver level Silver 600-699 60th-80th
    bronze level Bronze 0-599 0-59th
  • 209-144-38 4th Place
  • Week 26 vs Craven Mooreheads • 3rd
    Loss Week 26 vs Craven Mooreheads

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    Player Highlights


    • Avg-PPT - Average Power Play Time
    • Avg-SHT - Average Short-Handed Time
    • COR - Corsi
    • Def-ZS - Defensive Zone Starts
    • FEN - Fenwick
    • GStr - Game Star
    • Off-ZS - Offensive Zone Starts
    • PPT - Power Play Time
    • Shifts - Shifts
    • SHT - Short-Handed Time
    • ZS-Pct - Zone Start Percentage

    Legends and Glossaries

    The Fine Print

    Projections Powered by Rotowire
    Stat corrections are applied on Sunday, May 1.
    All game times are shown in PDT.

    Details Legend

    Pre-SeasonPlayer's fantasy ranking based on pre-season projections
    CurrentPlayer's current fantasy ranking based on stats filter selected
    Probable Starter (announced for starting lineup)
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    Player Status
    IR-NRInjured Reserve
    IRInjured Reserve
    IR-LTInjured Reserve
    NANot Active
    Add Player
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    No more roster moves available
    Drop Player
    Player on Can't Cut list
    Propose Trade
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    Stat Categories

    AbbreviationWhat it Means
    PIMPenalty Minutes
    PPGPowerplay Goals
    PPAPowerplay Assists
    PPPPowerplay Points
    SHGShorthanded Goals
    SHAShorthanded Assists
    SHPShorthanded Points
    GWGGame-Winning Goals
    GTGGame-Tying Goals
    SOGShots on Goal
    SH%Shooting Percentage
    FWFaceoffs Won
    FLFaceoffs Lost
    TotalTotal Standard Deviation
    AbbreviationWhat it Means
    GSGames Started
    GAGoals Against
    GAAGoals Against Average
    SAShots Against
    SECSeconds Played
    SV%Save Percentage
    TotalTotal Standard Deviation

    Positions Legend

    Pos What it Means Who is Eligible
    C Center Only centers
    LW Left Wing Only left wings
    RW Right Wing Only right wings
    W Wing Any left or right winger
    F Forward Any centers, left or right wingers
    D Defense Any defenseman
    G Goaltender Any goaltender
    Util Utility Any non-goaltender
    BN Bench Any player not in a starting roster or IR spot
    IR Injured Reserve Any player on the real-life IR

    Goaltender Appearances

    Total for Week 26:
    10 (Minimum Reached)

    Note: Each week, your goaltenders must reach the minimum of 3 appearances. If you fail to reach this mark, you will lose all of your goaltending games for that week.

    This section will show you an updated total each morning. The numbers will appear red until you have reached the requirement.