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Week 7

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Current Standings
Rank Team W-L-T Pct Div Pts Last Week Moves

Clarence Campbell Conference

1 avatar Chiefs de Laval 66-20-16 .725 41-15-12 148 14-1-2 15
3 avatar BBapplepie 56-30-16 .627 28-16-7 128 12-4-1 20
7 avatar Mad Hatters 40-45-17 .475 22-34-12 97 5-7-5 10
8 avatar Naked Nuns With Guns 35-52-15 .417 23-35-10 85 7-5-5 4
9 avatar Bruinsfan 4 Life 31-56-15 .377 15-29-7 77 5-9-3 -

Prince of Wales Conference

2 avatar Flying Cootmeisters 50-35-17 .574 37-20-11 117 11-4-2 11
4 avatar Toledo Goaldiggers 51-39-12 .559 27-17-7 114 4-12-1 3
5 avatar 5th Line Bench 41-46-15 .475 24-21-6 97 4-11-2 2
6 avatar KingPens 40-45-17 .475 24-34-10 97 9-5-3 3
10 avatar Blades of Steel 23-65-14 .294 19-39-10 60 1-14-2 8
Last standings update: Wed Nov 25 11:56pm PST

Recent Transactions

Michal Neuvirth Phi - G
Free Agent
KingPens Nov 24, 10:22 pm avatar
Nick Foligno Cls - C,LW
Free Agent
KingPens Nov 24, 10:22 pm avatar
Vincent Trocheck Fla - C,RW
To Free Agent
Mad Hatters Nov 23, 2:53 pm avatar
Teddy Purcell Edm - LW,RW
Free Agent
Marko Dano Chi - C,RW
To Free Agent
Chiefs de Laval Nov 22, 8:37 pm avatar
Jeff Petry Mon - D
Free Agent
Mike Condon Mon - G
To Free Agent
Chiefs de Laval Nov 22, 8:15 pm avatar
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Commish Updates

  • The deadline keeper date is September 30th, this way you are able to select your keepers and then we will draft the following week. You should go to your team page and select the link Keepers at the top second toolbar to select your keepers. Once the deadline has passed I will finalize the rosters/keepers so we are ready to draft. For the draft I'm thinking Friday October 2nd either evening or night whichever works best for the majority. If you do not set your keepers before the keeper deadline I am willing to have you submit your keepers to me and I will set them for you.

    Once we are a couple of days away from the draft and you still have not set your keepers or told me which players you want to be kept then I will be forced to select your keepers for you. I do not want to have happen last year where a few managers forget to do that and then we have to draft from scratch, that's not fair to the managers who did what they were supposed to do.

    We are going with a total of 8 keepers from last year, with you only being able to keep a maximum of 2 defenseman and a maximum of 2 goalies kept from last year. If yo want to keep less than two defenseman and goalies that's up to you. If you guys have questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to ask.
    Sep 25 4:49pm

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