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    League Matchups

    Week 15

    Week 15 - In Progress

    Current Standings
    Rank Team W-L-T Pct Pts Last Week Waiver Moves
    1 avatar Bullet 88-43-9 .661 185 8-2-0 10 13
    2 avatar Eberle Hills 90210 74-53-13 .575 161 3-7-0 12 9
    3 avatar Team Wheeler Dealer 72-53-15 .568 159 4-5-1 3 30
    4 avatar Jussi giveaway! 69-56-15 .546 153 3-5-2 1 14
    5 avatar Youppi Ki Yay 68-56-16 .543 152 6-3-1 7 29
    6 avatar Sopelhair 67-56-17 .539 151 3-6-1 2 29
    7 avatar Pens Dynasty 70-60-10 .536 150 5-3-2 9 21
    8 avatar Fantasy Express 55-68-17 .454 127 6-3-1 5 9
    9 avatar Leaf Nation 56-72-12 .443 124 7-3-0 8 4
    10 avatar Pimpin ain't Parise 52-76-12 .414 116 5-4-1 4 9
    11 avatar The Wrath of Arden 51-79-10 .400 112 3-6-1 6 20
    12 avatar The Camel Toews 42-92-6 .321 90 2-8-0 11 7
    Last standings update: Mon Jan 26 11:49pm PST
    John Klingberg Dal - D
    Free Agent
    Jussi giveaway! Jan 26, 7:18 pm avatar
    Lubomir Visnovsky NYI - D IR
    To Waivers
    Jussi giveaway! Jan 26, 7:14 pm avatar
    Anton Forsberg Cls - G
    Free Agent
    Erik Gudbranson Fla - D
    To Waivers
    The Wrath of Arden Jan 26, 9:31 am avatar
    Erik Cole Dal - LW,RW DTD
    To Waivers
    Youppi Ki Yay Jan 25, 4:06 pm avatar
    Karri Ramo Cgy - G
    Free Agent
    Niklas Svedberg Bos - G
    To Waivers
    The Wrath of Arden Jan 23, 9:40 am avatar
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    Fantasy Express by --hidden-- (Team Wheeler Dealer) Nov 8 12:03 pm by --hidden-- (Eberle Hills 90210)
    BPHL Lineups 2014-15 by --hidden-- (Eberle Hills 90210) Oct 8 7:12 am by --hidden-- (Pimpin ain't Parise)
    Enter Live Draft button in top-right corner by --hidden-- (Eberle Hills 90210) Oct 2 4:14 pm by --hidden-- (Eberle Hills 90210)
    Draft Thursday at 7:15pm ET by --hidden-- (Eberle Hills 90210) Oct 1 6:47 pm by --hidden-- (Eberle Hills 90210)

    Commish Updates

    Asst Commish
    • Aug 25 10:03pm
      - Draft
      At the end of the year, standings will dictate the following year's draft. There will be two groups of GM's drafting:
      * Championship playoffs (1-8)
      * Non-playoff teams (9-12)
      The draft order is established so that players battle hard until the end of the season. The #9 finisher will have the 1st pick the following year, ensuring tanking is not a valid option for improving your team - if you battle for the playoffs and just miss, you're rewarded - if you're in the bottom tier and move up to #10 or #9, you're also rewarded.

      - Draft Order:
      1. 9th Place regular season team
      2. 10th Place regular season team
      3. 11th Place regular season team
      4. 12th Place regular season team
      5. 8th Place Championship playoff finish
      6. 7th Place Championship playoff finish
      7. 6th Place Championship playoff finish
      8. 5th Place Championship playoff finish
      9. 4th Place Championship playoff finish
      10. 3rd Place Championship playoff finish
      11. Championship Playoff Runner-Up
      12. Championship Playoff Winner
      Draft picks may be traded using Yahoo's system: However, the first FOUR rounds of the draft (1, 2, 3 and 4) are keeper rounds and may not be traded. Trades of picks may only begin starting in the 5th round (i.e. the first non-keeper round). Any trade including a pick from rounds 1-4 will be voided immediately by the Commissioner.

      - Winner
      The Winner of the Championship playoffs will be allowed to switch one (1) of their keepers with one of those available from the list of un-kept, available players the following season after the keeper deadline has passed. The GM may only keep one (1) goalie total, as per usual keeper rules.
      These privileges only last for one year, until a new winner is decided.

      - Keepers
      GMs will be allowed to retain FOUR (4) players each season, with a maximum of one (1) goaltender. This ensures drafts remain relevant and interesting (still a lot of talent in the fifth round), that trading is active, and that GMs have a reason to return the following season.

      - Scoring
      Standard 5x5 scoring system, with 6 stats for skaters, 4 stats for goalies. Tiebreakers in playoff games are outlined in Yahoo help (Tiebreakers: 1. Winning percentage against this opponent during the regular season, 2. Playoff seed)

      Skater Stats: Goals (G), Assists (A), Plus/Minus (+/-), Penalty Minutes (PIM), Powerplay Points (PPP), Shots on Goal (SOG)

      Goalie Stats: Wins (W), Goals Against Average (GAA), Save Percentage (SV%), Shutouts (SHO)

      - Positions
      C, C, C, C, LW, LW, LW, RW, RW, RW, W, F, D, D, D, D, D, D, G, G, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR, IR

      - Transaction Caps
      At this point in time, there is a maximum move limit of 75 moves for the year. (~3.5 moves/week for entire year).
      There is a weekly move limit of 6 moves/week. This means that if you need to make quick changes to your team you can, but you can't spam players to try and fill up games played in a week.

      - Trading
      Trading is allowed and encouraged. League deadline is March 12, 2015. Trades will be available for review for 2 days and are subject to league review. Trade vetoes require more than 1/3 of league support in order to be rejected.
      Draft picks for the 2014-15 season can be traded using Yahoo's system, beginning with 5th round picks (first non-keeper round). Any trades of draft picks in rounds 1-4 will be immediately cancelled.

      - Inactive GMs
      Managers inactive for a considerable length of time (4 weeks since last login, or if team is not properly set up for full week of play) will be warned, and if no change in behavior occurs, their teams will be handed over to an interim manager, and a new GM the following season.

      - Minimum Goalie Games Played
      You must have 3 games played by your goalies in order for stats to count for the week.

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