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Week 25

Week 25 - Final Results

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Consolation Bracket

1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place Finished
avatar Knuckle Pucksavatar Silent Thunderavatar Bare Ice--
Week 24: Mar 30 - Apr 5
Week 25: Apr 6 - Apr 11
3rd Place Game
Sean Monahan Cgy - C
Free Agent
Silent Thunder Apr 7, 9:39 am avatar
Jimmy Howard Det - G
Free Agent
Silent Thunder Apr 7, 9:37 am avatar
Thomas Vanek Min - LW,RW
Free Agent
Silent Thunder Apr 6, 7:01 am avatar
Brian Gionta Buf - RW
Free Agent
Silent Thunder Apr 6, 7:00 am avatar
Andrew Hammond Ott - G
Free Agent
Silent Thunder Apr 5, 11:58 am avatar
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Wow, a Thorough ass whoopin'! by --hidden-- (Silent Thunder) Apr 11 8:30 pm by --hidden-- (Silent Thunder)
Lets go Red Wings! by --hidden-- (Hammer Time) Oct 9 5:14 pm by --hidden-- (Silent Thunder)
People to invite to league by --hidden-- (Fear the Beard!) Sep 30 5:12 pm by --hidden-- (Fear the Beard!)

Commish Updates

  • Oct 9 4:42pm
    Man, it is great to have the season going! Good luck to all, and thanks for joining.
  • Sep 24 9:56am
    We still really need two managers, if anyone knows anyone that wants to join, send me their e-mail. I have two teams imported from last year, I used an alt last year just to keep the league going. If we can get two more managers, I will drop the alt out of this league.


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