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Fantasy Hockey 2009

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Congrats Evan
by: --hidden-- (WrldCupOfFntasySprts)
Apr 12 5:35am
Nice job holding off last year's champion.

Too bad the season didn't last another another month or so. The way my team moved up from 12th to 6th in the last two weeks, I might have been able to make a run for it...

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 4/126:12 pm50 Thanks guys.--hidden-- ( Ev) 
 4/125:34 pm49 Photo Finish--hidden-- (Rotowire-Topper) 
 4/125:35 am48 Congrats Evan--hidden-- (WrldCupOfFntasySprts) 
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 1/113:47 pm46 Re: NJ/TB Postponement - banked points--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
 1/911:45 am45 Re: NJ/TB Postponement - banked points--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
 1/911:43 am44 NJ/TB Postponement - banked points--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
 1/88:03 am43 Goon Squad--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
 12/196:24 pm42 @!#$%$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
 12/1510:51 am41 sweeping lineup changes--hidden-- (DobberHockey - Angus) 
 12/157:51 am40 Lucic IR?--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
 12/312:30 pm39 User Error--hidden-- (Rotowire-Topper) 
 12/16:52 pm38 Re: IR Update--hidden-- ( Ev) 
 11/299:30 am37 Re: IR Update--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
 11/298:08 am36 David Jones--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
 11/191:29 pm35 Re: Game totals--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
 11/191:10 pm34 Game totals--hidden-- ( Ev) 
 11/132:00 pm33 looking to trade...--hidden-- ( Ev) 
 11/135:45 am32 Re: IR Update--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
 11/118:33 pm31 IR Update--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
 10/282:17 pm30 Re: Matt--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
 10/282:16 pm29 Re: why?--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
 10/277:20 pm28 Matt--hidden-- (Rotowire-Topper) 
 10/273:16 am27 why?--hidden-- ( Ev) 
 10/214:45 pm26 Re: Season Already Over--hidden-- ( Ev) 
 10/218:38 am25 Season Already Over--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
 10/146:34 pm24 Re: position eligibility..--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
 10/1412:54 am23 position eligibility..--hidden-- ( Ev) 
 10/96:52 pm22 Re: Stats issue--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
 10/92:03 pm21 F U--hidden-- ( Ev) 
 10/91:57 pm20 Re: Draft Write-up--hidden-- ( Ev) 
 10/97:50 am19 Stats issue--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
 10/812:01 am18 Price...--hidden-- (DobberHockey - Angus) 
 10/74:03 pm17 Solid stuff Rocky--hidden-- (DobberHockey - Angus) 
 10/78:01 am16 Leafs/Sens--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
 10/612:30 pm15 Write-ups and Name--hidden-- (Rotowire-Topper) 
 10/611:58 am14 Experts Draft Recap--hidden-- ( All-Stars) 
 10/21:47 pm13 Draft Write-up--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
 10/21:14 pm12 Re: IR--hidden-- (WrldCupOfFntasySprts) 
 10/210:20 am11 IR--hidden-- (Going Top Shelf) 
 10/29:26 am10 Re: The Draft--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
 10/12:26 pmThe Draft--hidden-- ( Cullen) 
 10/112:46 pmRe: League exposure--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
 10/110:22 amRe: League exposure--hidden-- (DobberHockey - Angus) 
 9/3010:14 pmRe: League exposure--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
 9/3011:22 amLeague exposure--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
 9/74:48 pmKeepers are set--hidden-- (Eric Maltais) 
 9/45:19 amKeepers--hidden-- (Eric Maltais) 
 9/29:20 amDraft--hidden-- (Eric Maltais) 
 9/29:17 amKeepers--hidden-- (Eric Maltais)