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    Fantasy Hockey 2009

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    Congratulations Evan
    by: --hidden-- (Rotoworld)
    Apr 11 4:50pm
    Well done! Nice victory this season.

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     4/126:12 pm50 Thanks guys.--hidden-- (fantasyhockey.com Ev) 
     4/125:34 pm49 Photo Finish--hidden-- (Rotowire-Topper) 
     4/125:35 am48 Congrats Evan--hidden-- (WrldCupOfFntasySprts) 
     4/114:50 pm47 Congratulations Evan--hidden-- (Rotoworld) 
     1/113:47 pm46 Re: NJ/TB Postponement - banked points--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
     1/911:45 am45 Re: NJ/TB Postponement - banked points--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
     1/911:43 am44 NJ/TB Postponement - banked points--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
     1/88:03 am43 Goon Squad--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
     12/196:24 pm42 @!#$%$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
     12/1510:51 am41 sweeping lineup changes--hidden-- (DobberHockey - Angus) 
     12/157:51 am40 Lucic IR?--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
     12/312:30 pm39 User Error--hidden-- (Rotowire-Topper) 
     12/16:52 pm38 Re: IR Update--hidden-- (fantasyhockey.com Ev) 
     11/299:30 am37 Re: IR Update--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
     11/298:08 am36 David Jones--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
     11/191:29 pm35 Re: Game totals--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
     11/191:10 pm34 Game totals--hidden-- (fantasyhockey.com Ev) 
     11/132:00 pm33 looking to trade...--hidden-- (fantasyhockey.com Ev) 
     11/135:45 am32 Re: IR Update--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
     11/118:33 pm31 IR Update--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
     10/282:17 pm30 Re: Matt--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
     10/282:16 pm29 Re: why?--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
     10/277:20 pm28 Matt--hidden-- (Rotowire-Topper) 
     10/273:16 am27 why?--hidden-- (fantasyhockey.com Ev) 
     10/214:45 pm26 Re: Season Already Over--hidden-- (fantasyhockey.com Ev) 
     10/218:38 am25 Season Already Over--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
     10/146:34 pm24 Re: position eligibility..--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
     10/1412:54 am23 position eligibility..--hidden-- (fantasyhockey.com Ev) 
     10/96:52 pm22 Re: Stats issue--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
     10/92:03 pm21 F U--hidden-- (fantasyhockey.com Ev) 
     10/91:57 pm20 Re: Draft Write-up--hidden-- (fantasyhockey.com Ev) 
     10/97:50 am19 Stats issue--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
     10/812:01 am18 Price...--hidden-- (DobberHockey - Angus) 
     10/74:03 pm17 Solid stuff Rocky--hidden-- (DobberHockey - Angus) 
     10/78:01 am16 Leafs/Sens--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
     10/612:30 pm15 Write-ups and Name--hidden-- (Rotowire-Topper) 
     10/611:58 am14 Experts Draft Recap--hidden-- (NHL.com All-Stars) 
     10/21:47 pm13 Draft Write-up--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
     10/21:14 pm12 Re: IR--hidden-- (WrldCupOfFntasySprts) 
     10/210:20 am11 IR--hidden-- (Going Top Shelf) 
     10/29:26 am10 Re: The Draft--hidden-- (McKeen's--Kats) 
     10/12:26 pmThe Draft--hidden-- (TSN.ca Cullen) 
     10/112:46 pmRe: League exposure--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
     10/110:22 amRe: League exposure--hidden-- (DobberHockey - Angus) 
     9/3010:14 pmRe: League exposure--hidden-- (Y! Romig) 
     9/3011:22 amLeague exposure--hidden-- (Fanball - Flowers) 
     9/74:48 pmKeepers are set--hidden-- (Eric Maltais) 
     9/45:19 amKeepers--hidden-- (Eric Maltais) 
     9/29:20 amDraft--hidden-- (Eric Maltais) 
     9/29:17 amKeepers--hidden-- (Eric Maltais)